Kitchen Spaces


This is our drinking station that my three year old uses independently each day but just needs to use our wooden step stool to reach the kitchen bench. When my youngest is ready I will then set up a drinking station on a low table for him to use as well. My three year old quite often likes to pour him a drink, especially when they are sitting together at the table for meals.


This is our juicing station which gets a lot of use. I will sometimes help my eldest with some of the harder fruit or vegetables to cut but for the most part she is independent in making a juice from start to finish. I always stay with her just incase she needs my help but I allow her to be involved in the kitchen as much as possible.


This is our bar fridge that contains most of the kids snack foods. This often includes cheese, yoghurt, fruit and milk. On top of the fridge is a white snack tray. This is where me may keep foods such as biscuits, nuts or dried fruit in easy to open containers.


This is our new kitchen trolley. It contains currently cutlery and utensils in the drawers, plates, bowls, cups and placemats on the shelves and child-sized cleaning cloths and napkins in the basket. I will eventually put items such as fruit in the wire baskets. My eldest uses this to set the table, prepare a snack such as chopping strawberries or grapes or grating cheese, to working alongside me whilst I prepare our main meals. We have attached it to the end of our kitchen bench. I have added a wooden chopping board and enamel compost bin on the tile top. On the left side of the trolley is a rack to hang a hand towel and on the right hand side I have attached some hooks to hang up the kids aprons.


This is the kids table and chairs used mostly for snack time.


Both of my kids have these Soho Mocka wooden chairs. This picture is of my son’s chair which has a front safety bar whereas my three year old doesn’t need to use one. It has an adjustable seat and foot rest which makes my eldest able to get in and out of the chair independently and is at a much better height for her than our dining chairs. They are also mess friendly, easy to clean and height adjustable.


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