Books We Are Reading Together

I have been reading The Listening Walk and All By Myself to my eldest for a while now. They are both beautifully illustrated and easy to read. Both books also make sense to my three year old as she can make a connection to them. All By Myself is about childhood independence which is what we strive to support in our family and The Listening Walk is about going for a walk and listening to the different sounds we hear which is what we do most days when we go on a nature walk. We will often talk about what we have seen and heard. Sometimes this prompts questions and further investigations.

  1. All by Myself by Aliki
  2. The Listening Walk by Paul showers and Aliki

All By Myelf by Aliki

listening walk.jpg

The  books shown below are my toddlers current favourites. He loves anything to do with modes of transportation; cars, trucks, diggers etc and asks me to read these to him every day. My toddler will also often look at these books on his own. The Choo Choo Clickety-Clack is a touch and feel book which appeals to him. We often look at these books with some of our toy cars, trains etc.

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