Art Caddy

These are our art/craft caddys that we move around the house depending on where my eldest wants to work. My eldest likes to either work at the dining table, the low kids table or outside. The contents are changed according to interest but there is always scissors, glue, coloured and lead pencils and a clip board. Our other craft items such as paper and stickers and treasures are kept on a high shelf that my eldest can currently reach but my toddler can’t.


  • Clip board
  • Triangular lead pencils
  • Gel pens
  • Washable markers used for drawing on paper and a white board
  • Triangular coloured pencils


  • Paint brushes, pipette, spray bottle for painting
  • Scissors, hole punch and blue stick (bottle of craft glue at the back)
  • Watercolour pencils
  • Wooden paddle pop sticks and dolly pegs
  • Pipe cleaners


Here is an example of some items my eldest chose to work with from the shelf. We don’t yet have the perfect set-up for the storage of our art items. Always a work in progress.

  • Glitter shakers
  • Clear sticky tape and rolls of coloured electrical tape
  • Coloured match sticks
  • Melissa and Doug stamps/ink pad
  • Hole punches

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