Spaces Around the Home

Music/Movement Shelf


In order these baskets contain;

  1. Yoga cards and Guided Meditation for Kids CD and book and kids charades cards.
  2. Audio CDs mixed genre
  3. Musical instruments
  4. Play scarves great for movement/dancing

IMG_2047 IMG_2048

This is a space for sunglasses and shoes, hats, jackets and bags.


Kids Cleaning Station (removable hooks).


Book Nook


Puppet Theatre/Reading Corner


The kids wooden snack table.


Juicing space.


Water drinking station for my three year old. My youngest has a small water jug and cup on a tray.


Snack prep station used by my three year old.


Clothes storage. I still need to add some labels to the top baskets.


A low hanging rack for shirts, jumpers and dresses and a space for some shoes such as slippers and sandals. The rack is a wardrobe extender.


Bathroom step ladder. Both kids can reach the sink with this step stool. On the right is a child-height hand towel for them to both use. We have the same wooden step ladder in the kitchen to reach the bench top. In the drawers on the left is the kids teeth brushing items (a drawer each) and one drawer for spare hand towels and face cloths.


Puzzle shelf for my three year old and fifteen month old.


Coffee table books. A place to display books. When not in use they are store on the shelf below.


Writing desk/centre


Shelf set up for my three year old and fifteen month old.


The fridge is great for displaying learning materials.

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