Cleaning Station and Caddy for Kids

I have had this little cleaning station set up for the kids if they want to use it for a long time now. My three year old likes to use the mop and the cleaning cloths to clean up if something is spilled or just help out when I am mopping. The broom gets more use from my one year old as he loves to sweep along side me. The window washing set my three year old loved using from about two years of age, now she is showing my youngest how it works. My three year old sprays the window and my one year old tries to wipe up the water with the squeegee. They both have lots of fun doing this together. The spray bottles are also used to water plants or just for general water play outside.


Child-sized broom, mop, dustpan and brush hanging on removable hooks.


Cleaning caddy kept in a cupboard that both of my children have access to.

  • Two clear spray bottles
  • Blue cleaning cloth, child-sized
  • Dish brush for scrubbing/cleaning. We have another one of these kept by the kitchen sink for washing dishes.
  • Child-sized cleaning mitts.
  • Yellow window washing kit (child-sized)

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