My Montessori book collection

So I thought I would share my Montessori book collection that I have accumulated over the past three years. I still refer to most of them often.



How to raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin and Teach Me to do it Myself by Maja Pitamic are the first two books I purchased. They came highly recommended as easy to read books. I found that I used Tim Seldin’s book the most as a starting point in how to set up my home the Montessori inspired way. There are lots of picture examples and it gives you good ideas on how to set up each space in the home to make it child-friendly and to support independence.



I love the Joyful Child by Susan Mayclin Stevenson. I have read it several times. It’s an easy to read book and just like Tim Seldin’s book, a great one for new parents and those who are just beginning on their Montessori journey.




Out of these three books all by the same author Paula Polk Lillard I have only read Montessori From the Start. This has to be my favourite Montessori book. There is a lot of detailed infomation which is exactly what i love. This book covers everything relating from birth to three years of age. I have read and re-read this book so many times. It’s my go to Montessori reference book. I have just started to read the other two books by the same author.



Shape Work


We have used all four of these books at home. The Montessori Letter Work book and the Montessori Number Work book is great as an introduction to the alphabet and numbers 1-9 but also an introduction to the sandpaper numbers and letters. At the moment we are working through the Montessori Shape Work book and I am slowly introducing new shapes to my eldest.


I am using this book at the moment for language activity inspiration for my 3.5 year old. There’s lots of fun games and activities in this book and so far has really come in handy.


This is a series of books, but we only have this one. This is a great book, full of useful information. I have used it as a guide to setting up and implementing Montessori at home.

I would love to know what Montessori books you are reading. Do you have any favourites or ones that you recommend or refer to often?

Edited: 29th August 2015. I just noticed that some of my Montessori books are missing on here, so I have taken a recent photo of what Montessori books I have on my bookshelf.


Edited 18th October 2015. A new addition to my Montessori book library;


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