Life Cycles

My 3.5 year old received these life cycle kits as a gift recently. My eldest is enjoying putting the life cycles in the correct order whilst I give her the names of each stage. I will look at making up matching cards with labels and some nomenclature books later on. For the moment, putting them in order is enough.


Insect Lore brand, Life cycle of a ladybird

  1. Stage 1: eggs, Stage 2: Larva, Stage 3: Pupa, Stage 4: Adult Ladybug/Ladybird


Insect Lore brand, Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Stage 1: Egg, Stage 2: Caterpillar, Stage 3: Chrysalis, Stage 4: Adult butterfly


We have been playing the Very Hungry Caterpillar card game recently and re-reading the book to match up with the Butterfly Life Cycle kit.


Safariology brand, Life Cycle of a Chicken

Stage 1: Egg, Stage 2: Hatchling, Stage 3: Chick, Stage 4: Chicken


Safariology Brand, Cycle of a Green Bean Plant

Stage 1: Seed, Stage 2: Germination, Stage 3: Seedling, Stage 4: Green Bean plant

Edited: 2oth November 2015

Life Cycle of an Apple exploration. Picture book free printable; Life Cycle of an Apple book

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