Loose Parts


I have been doing lots of rearranging and sorting this morning, trying to declutter and get better organized. One area I am currently slowly working on is our art area. I picked up these wooden sorting trays and have filled them with some items I thought might be good for small world play, art and construction and great for exploring texture and shape. Some of these items have already been used in the outdoor fairy garden that my eldest has been creating.


Items in this tray include; bud cones, twig chips, branch cuts, pine cones, seed pods and rocks/pebbles. Most of these items are from our backyard or what we have found on nature walks.


Items in this tray include; wooden shapes, spools, dolly pegs, blocks, construction sticks and other types of sticks such as ice cream sticks, large match sticks.

natural loose parts

Playdough and loose parts

loose parts

loose parts

Working with clay and loose parts.



Other loose parts we use are wooden coloured sticks and wooden coloured points and coloured buttons as well as wooden beads.


Cuisenaire rods

Cuisenaire rods


Cuisenaire rods


Wooden coloured cubes

Wooden coloured cubes

Glass stones

Glass stones

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