Exploring the Human Body

My eldest has been asking lots of questions about the human body for months now. One of her favourite books to look at is DK Human Body Encyclopedia book.


At the moment, the human skeleton is what she is the most interested in.


I picked up this human skeleton model which is about 46cm in height. It has a realistic look and feel to it. The only concern I had was that maybe it might frighten her a bit but it’s seems to not be the case. My eldest was really excited to look at it and ask what the bones names were.


She straight away turned to this page in the book and compared what was in the book to the model, to make sure that they were in fact the same. At the moment we have discussed and located on the skeleton and in the book; the skull, jaw bone, shoulder blade, rib, pelvis, thigh bone, shin bone, ankle and wrist.

Edited October 5th 2015



2 thoughts on “Exploring the Human Body

  1. Hi Olivia, may I ask where did you purchase the 46cm height of human skeleton model and the one with removable organs? Kmart is currently similar ones and I am unsure their quality like.

    I love your human body study set up 🙂

  2. Hi Grace, the human skeleton model was bought from Montessorichild.com.au for $20 and I really like this one. In regards to the human torso…it is small. My husband bought it back from the US and I think it was the Learning Resources brand. The pieces being very small you need to be careful when your child is using it (choking hazard). I really wanted the large version of this but they cost closer to $70+. I would love to find a cheaper one. I have been keeping an eye out as I like the idea of having a large one on display. If you see the Kmart one in person, could you please let me know the size? Thanks

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