Child-sized tools and utensils that we use

These are the child-sized tools and utensils that we have for the kids to use in our kitchen. All baking related items are kept in a cupboard that is set up for them to use. The top shelf is for baking items and the bottom shelf is for the novelty or larger food prep items. All the smaller tools like the cutters, spreaders, graters and peelers etc are kept in drawers in the kids food prep trolley station. I’ve tried to make things accessible to my children in a safe manner.


  • child-sized mixing bowl and pouring jug
  • small grater
  • wooden spoon and pastry brush and spatula
  • small ice tongs and masher
  • melon baller
  • small ladle


Mostly novelty items but are fun to use.

  • cherry chopper
  • apple corer and slicer
  • citrus juicer
  • strawberry slicer
  • apple slinky (we use this almost daily)


  • spreaders
  • tongs
  • crinkle cutters (black handled one was our first cutter)
  • knives (kiddicutter)
  • peeler


  • Glass pitchers (0.5L & 0.25L)
  • Toddler and child-sized glasses

The jugs and glasses come out for meals and are kept on a tray. I have stainless steel or ceramic cups out during the day at my childrens water station, which is a bench top water purifier on a low table placed near the kids snacks table.


Our compost buckets. The blue one is for my children to use and it’s kept on their food prep trolley station. The scraps are used to make compost in our garden.


Silicon toddler/child placemat that’s really easy to clean.

8 thoughts on “Child-sized tools and utensils that we use

  1. Hi Olivia, I love reading your blog and have been following you via Instagram (I am I_heart_my_home) 😀

    Any difference between the black handled crinkle cutters (saw it selling at Victoria Basement, am thinking to purchase it) and the one next to it? Which one is better and where I can purchase that non-black handled one? Many thanks, Grace 🙂

    1. Hi Grace, lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your lovely comments. It’s been nice to get to know you on Instagram haha. From what I was told when I purchased these cutters; the black handled cutter is a ‘first cutter’ for very young children. I used this one with children first and then the red handled cutter. To be honest, you can just use the red handled one. I used to work in a Kitchen shop that sold this sort of thing. The name of the cutter as we sold them was a ‘crinkle cutter’ used to cut fancy shapes in potatoes, carrots etc. As I wasn’t working there at the time when I had both of my children, I just bought mine from How We Montessori online shop. They seem to go in and out of stock. Ebay has one available with free postage for $8.50;
      Also, they are great for use with playdough as a cutting tool. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Olivia, thanks for your reply and info, very helpful. I will take a look the crinkle cutter on ebay. Thanks for sending me the link. 🙂

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