Current shelf activities 18 months to 2 years

Inspired by the How We Montessori Blog ‘What’s on Our Shelves’ linkup, I am posting what shelf activities we currently have out for my 18 month old.


Fruit plus matching cards. A great sensory activity. My 18 month old loves to feel and smell the fruit.


Vegetables plus matching cards.


A shape matching puzzle. Another great tactile activity.


A language activity. Model animals and their matching cards. At the moment I am putting out and rotating farm animals.The matching cards were printed and laminated.


Occupation puzzle. We do this together.


A miniature version of the Montessori knobbed cylinders. We were given these when my eldest was very young. Both of my children like these. I will only put out one at a time with supervision as the parts are small.


Large bead threading


Puzzle box

Shape sorting box

shape puzzle


Short-to-tall puzzle and narrow to wide puzzle


Colorino colour matching game

chalk and chalk board

Chalk and chalk board

Animal match up

Animal Lotto



Musical Instrument match up.


Australian animals and birds langauge work

tactile board

Tactile sensory board


Lock and latch box


Wooden nesting/stacking blocks

We are linked up


9 thoughts on “Current shelf activities 18 months to 2 years

    1. hi, I bought them from the How We Montessori blog shop. The brand is Blue Ribbon and the puzzle is called shape by touch.

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