Current shelf activities for my 3.5 year old

Inspired by the How We Montessori Blog, ‘What’s on Our Shelves linkup’, I decided to sum up what activities are currently on our shelves for my 3.5 year old that she enjoys using most days. I would have to say through observation, my eldest is most interest in activities related to art and language but also really enjoys cooking and food prep, dress-ups and role play/pretend play and singing and dancing.


This is our moveable alphabet, mostly used to make CVC words but some sight words as well.


These are the BOB books beginning readers Set 1. These books are my eldests ‘just right’ books, not too easy and not too hard. My eldest has been reading simple sentences for a few months now.




This board can be used as a blackboard or magnetic white board. We use the blackboard for practicing writing and drawing and the whiteboard for making CVC words as well as writing.


Pattern blocks. The blocks in the left compartment are Melissa and Doug and on the right are tangrams. We no longer use the pattern match up cards. The blocks are here for me eldest to use her imagination and make whatever she wishes.


Landmarks of the world models and cards.


Model instruments and matching cards (name on the back)


I rotate our animal and life cycle models and cards.


3D geometric solids, still very popular.


Charades, a game we play together often.


Child-sized binoculars, magnifying glass and outdoor microscope are used often on nature walks or outside during the day. Great to have handy to look at insects in our garden.


A great book that projects images onto the wall. We use this as one of our night-time books. The kids and I each use a torch.


This is tricky, but these shadow puppet cards are so cute.


Sunprint Kit.


Prism kaleidoscope

You can check out our writing centre

Or some of our natural art and construction materials here (still a work in progress)

We are linked up


6 thoughts on “Current shelf activities for my 3.5 year old

    1. I have only just started with my blog, but have been following your blog for years, so it has been great to be able to link my blog up to yours. Thank you. The shadow puppet cards are from Dragonfly Toys.

  1. These are great activities! Thank you for linking up to the Learn & Play Link Up. You are being featured this week at Every Star Is Different!

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