Block and pretend play shelf

This is a space I set up for both of my children to use. The baskets and shelves really do help to keep everything tidy and easy to put away.


It houses some of our blocks and pretend play items.


On the left is a basket of home-made and painted blocks in a variety or sizes, lengths and widths. In the small baskets at the top are natural wooden blocks, mostly jenga or plank blocks and there are some wooden alphabet and picture blocks as well. In the bottom baskets are large mega bloks that my toddler uses and some duplo blocks which my eldest loves to use.


In the top baskets there are some farm animals with some books related to these animals and some small cars, trucks and magnetic trains. On the bottom shelf are larger animals and some train tracks.

I don’t tend to rotate anything on these shelves too often as everything seen here is used often and together. The only other items that are not seen here that are rotated is our wooden dolls and some Australian animals and birds and our train set items such as traffic signs, wooden buildings and shops and wooden trees. Not seen in the photos, we have a large piece of MDF board for them to play on if they don’t want to work directly on the carpet.


Wooden doll family.


Australian birds.


Australian animals.

4 thoughts on “Block and pretend play shelf

  1. Hi,
    Love your organisation of all the different components. I hadn’t really thought about animals in this section and considering how much of a hit they were in the bath recently it’s certainly worth a few minutes to pull them out.

    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks. My kids love animals in the bath as well. At the moment they love miniature sea life creatures for bath play. We have dinosaurs outside which both of my children use in the sandpit and to play in the dirt/mud.

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