Language games

A great book which I have been using as a Literacy guide is Montessori Read and Write by Lynne Lawrence.


This book is full of language activities and games with clear progression level steps and also includes templates and a recommended reading list. Great as a reference book whether your new to Montessori or not.

A game that we have been playing for a long time is I-SPY. This is a great game to practice language skills.


We started playing I-SPY using real objects and those that my eldest was familiar with.


We began only using three objects initially, adding more to make things a bit more challenging.


We have used all sorts of items found both inside and outside our home.


After a while, we then progressed from playing with items on a tray that I had put together, to items located in a specific room, much more challenging. Now we are including I-SPY printables. Some of the ones we have used are from the Montessori Print Shop. We also use images printed off the internet or alphabet and phonics posters.




Another Montessori material we are now using is the a printed version of the moveable alphabet.


We have been using this for quite some time to make mostly cvc words, but some sight words as well. My eldest has been reading and using the moveable alphabet to make simple sentences for quite some time now. She has been practicing and can also hand write many numbers and alphabet letters. This tray stays in her writing centre space whenever she wants to work with it. I set up this space after doing the Playful Learning Spaces online course. This space definitely has sparked creativity.



Using the moveable alphabet to make CVC words.


spelling2 spelling1

Using wooden, magnetic lower case letters to make CVC words.

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