Bathroom spaces

This is our current Montessori inspired bathroom set up for both of my children to use. Now that my 18 month old has taken a strong interest in personal care, I thought it was time to make a few tweeks to what we had already set up for my 3.5 year old to use.


My 18 month old loves to wash his hands using the soap and scrubbing brush and also likes to try to wash his face with the face cloth after watching his older sister do it. My eldest prefers to use the soap pump to hand soap. I originally had a small toddler sized pump bottle for her to use but she never seemed to like using it and said that she prefers to use the same one they we have in our ensuite which is a larger size, so I got her the same one we use for their bathroom. She finds it much easier to use if it is filled up and a little heavy so it doesn’t fall over like the smaller one we were using kept doing. My eldest loves to wipe her face looking in the mirror on a daily basis and use the tissues. She has had lots of practice  since she was a young toddler. Note the mirror that I have placed behind the tap as the mirror is actually on the right side of the wall and too high for my children to use.


Here we have a wooden step stool which is the perfect size for both of my children. We have the same step stool also in the kitchen area. When my children want to brush their teeth together, I will put both step stools side-by-side. I had set up a low wall mirror next to the bath for my 18 month old to use, but he hasn’t used it once and prefers to brush his teeth the same way that his older sister does and use the step stool and basin. I have also used a low hand towel rack for both of my children to use. My eldest used this when she was younger but now prefers to use the hanging towel above the basin.


In the top draw is my eldest’s tray with her toothbrush, toothpaste, cup and hair brush. She loves to take one item out at a time, put them on the basin counter, use them and then again one item at a time put them away and close the draw. My 18 month old is now doing the exact same thing. It’s amazing to watch.


This is my toddler’s draw, the one below. The bottom draw contains spare hand towels and face cloths.


This is my children’s laundry basket which is kept behind the bathroom door. Having a child-sized laundry basket in the bathroom works really well for us.

I haven’t added a picture of it, but there is a bath with a few toys that I rotate. At the moment there are small sea creatures, some plastic boats, some funnels and small jugs for water play. Always beside the bath is soap, two face cloths for my children to use and some natural shampoo.

Both of my children use bath robes and they are put on hooks that are hung off the bath towel rail just before their baths, and after use are hung behind the bathroom door on low hooks.

Edited: 8th June 2016


I have swapped the paper tissues for re-usable cloth handkerchiefs. We are now also only using bar soap for hand washing instead of the soap pump as I found I was having to refill it too often. Also once the plastic nail scrubber broke, we swapped it for a wooden natural bristle one.

Updated bathroom space December 7th 2017

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