Shelf Activities in September, week two

Here are some of the shelf activities that my children chose to work on this week;


Animal Lotto. My 18 month old used these cards as a match up game.


My 3.5 year old using the Alphabet Lotto game to match pictures to their letter sounds.


Here my 3.5 year old was matching up the wooden geometric solids to their picture/name on the laminated poster.


Using the geometric solids for a ‘mystery bag’ game. My eldest does know the name of these shapes prior to playing this game.


Learning the names of the planets and playing a matching game.


Using a wooden teaching clock to make the times seen on the cards. These cards were from the Montessori Print Shop which I printed and laminated.


Another ‘Tell the Time’ activity.


My 18 month old with the lock/latch box.


A shape matching game.

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