Shelf activities in October

Most of the photos shown here is work that my 3.5 year old chose to work on this week. Most of our week was filled with family and friend catch ups, so late in the afternoons was the time most days that my eldest wanted some quiet time to herself in our play/learning room to do some shelf activities. In terms of what I put out on their shelves, I will look at what my children are interested in at the time (observation) and what is or is not being used on the shelves and rotate items as needs be.



An animal movement- swim, walk, fly printable activity.


Using scrabble pieces to match the alphabet lower case letters to their capital letters on these Alphabet wallet cards by So Awesome. We have had and used these alphabet cards for almost three years now.


Using Montessori bead stair bars, some glass stones and wooden cubes with the number wallet cards also by So Awesome. These bead stair bars are beautiful, I can see why children love to use these in a Montessori classroom.





Dominos. This is the first time that these have been used this way. We have used them for addition in the past. So versatile.


Geo board.


Not exactly a Montessori type activity and they are plastic but have been used a lot to make all sort of things.



Doing some pink level language work. I have printed the four sets of these picture/word cards from Montessori Print Shop. We are using two sets in this picture. I will be doing a separate post on our language and math work in the next couple of weeks, so I will add some more photos of this work then.


My toddler having a go at this instrument and card match up activity. My eldest sat with him whilst he did this to help if he needed it.

I haven’t added many photos of my toddler over the weeks, except on Instagram as we will often spend more time outside together. He loves to play in the sandpit, water play, kick or throw a ball around, play with his blocks or cars and trucks, look at books or help me around the house with chores (food prep, washing dishes, hanging washing on the line, watering our plants etc). There is a shelf with some materials for him in our play/learning room if he wants to use them any time during the day. At the moment he is really wanting to do more practical life activities each day rather than use the shelf materials as much as he did several months back. I don’t always like to take photos when we are working together as I don’t want to distract him.

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