Our learning space

We recently made some changes to the rooms in our house. This room used to be the office, but is now our children’s play/learning space.


As you walk into the room on the left is a basket of floor rugs to define their workspace if they chose to work on the floor and next to the basket is this shelf. Most items on here my toddler uses at the moment. There is a wooden shape sorting puzzle, replica musical instruments and cards, wooden nesting blocks, pin board (pins are kept on a higher shelf), lock/latch box, shape sorting box, Colorino by Ravensburger colour identifying activity and a balance bucket. Next to this shelf is a basket of books. The pictures shown in the photo frames are from calendars and our Kids National Geographic Magazine.


Lucky for us, there is a large window in this room, so there is lots of fresh air and natural light. Shown in the photo are some view-thru geo solids, kaleidoscopes and colour paddles that my children were playing with earlier.


On the other side of the wall is a small wooden desk and some shelves. On these shelves at the moment is some map work and geo solids. On the white table is a geo board.


These white shelves continue along the wall. Most of my 3.5 year olds work activities are on these white shelves. In the smaller white shelf/side table with the two baskets contains musical instruments and rainbow play scarves.


The last part of this room is this larger brown shelf which almost reaches the roof. I put most of the items that need to be out of reach of my toddler on the higher shelves (sewing items etc). These higher shelves are also used for storage. Materials such as blocks, puppet show/puppets and our yoga mats are kept in another space of our house. I’ve tried to put the noisy, possibly messy toys elsewhere and kept this space more of a quiet space.

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