Activities in October Week 3

My children enjoyed using most of our art materials that are on display all of this week. I will aim write about how we organize and display our art materials (shelf and art cart) in another post next week. The main thing I do is keep out what is popular and rotate what is not to keep things interesting. I do sometimes create little ‘invitations to play’ by setting up an activity or certain art materials on a table or shelf, really to introduce a new concept or art medium, but for the most part just set up the environment which allows my children to choose what they would like to use for themselves.


My toddler using dot stickers. This has to be one of his favourite art related activity at the moment aside from drawing. He will often combine the two.


My eldest using the dot stickers and some watercolour crayons.


It’s amazing what she finds a use for these stickers creativity wise.

Watercolour Crayons

Watercolour crayons, water and a paintbrush, creates this effect.


Melissa and Doug stamps with washable, non toxic ink pads. My toddler likes to use the multi-coloured stamp pad and my eldest likes to use a black stamp pad as the pictures come out more clear.


My toddler using the stamps and drawing.



My eldest has been using these to stamp a scene and then colour the images in. Lot’s of concentration involved.


My eldest creating with pipe cleaners.


Working on a spider, bird and bird’s nest.


Working with air drying clay and loose parts. Here she is making some cakes.

Clay work

Clay feels great on your hands.

sun catcher

Making a sun catcher. My eldest wanted to work on this at the table rather than attach the frame to the window and add the cellophane then. We have made these in the past and have always been popular. We thought it would be something nice to lighten up the play room/learning space window.


Lots of excitement when it was hung up.


My toddler started exploring the colour yellow and then blue using squeeze paint bottles. Usually he only wants to use a paint brush because he sees his older sister using one, but today the squeezie bottles provided lots of fun.


Then my eldest joined in the fun and added soapy water. By the end of this paint session, both of my children were covered in paint. Great to see them really get into painting and not worry about making a mess.




Chalk pastels on black cardboard. Another activity that is messy but popular.


Experimenting with black and white paint.


Magnetic shapes on a magnetic white board.



My toddler worked on and completed a sensory touch board by himself.

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