Activities in October, week 4

We spent a lot of time at home this week, mainly because my children are still recovering from colds they got last week. We did however have lots of time for rest and peace and quiet, exactly what we have all been needing. Even though not everyone has been feeling that great, my children kept themselves occupied all week, either playing together or working by themselves in our playroom/learning space. I have finally got the room set up to promote independence. Everything on the shelves are accessible and simple to use with minimal help from me. I have kept all the quiet activities on the shelves in this room and all the ‘noisy’ toys/materials (blocks, dolls house, play barn) or toys that require lots of room in another space, except for our cd player and musical instruments which even though is a noisy activity, this is the best space as we have a music activity shelf set up so it may as well all be together.

This is some of what my eldest (3.5 years) has been up to;


It’s been a while since I put a weaving activity out so I thought we would re-visit this one.


IMagetic number board

Some number work using a magnetic board.


Memory match up game. This is a favourite activity at the moment. These cards are from the Little Passports Early Explorers (Animal theme).


loose parts

Playdough construction work

wooden beads

Bead threading


Cuisenaire rods


Paint effect stamps

Flashlight activity

Putting a torch/flashlight back together




Introduction to Matter (solid, liquid, gas). I’m covering the Physical Sciences Montessori manual in my studies at the moment, so this is one of the more simple beginner activities that we have looked at.



My daughter created this activity on her own, rocks and glitter glue. After decorating these rocks, she then decorated some leaves and sticks outside.

Rocks and glitter glue


Magnet work. We have done a lot of magnetic/non magnetic work in the past, but this is still a fun activity. The fun with this activity was not only using the magnets but opening and closing the glass jar lid. After my eldest finished this work she then ran around the house with the magnetic wand to see what else she could find that was magnetic.


Some work with this teaching clock. We are now looking at (quarter past and quarter to)

Recyclable materuals

Outdoor craft with recyclables, stickers and washable markers.

Just LIke Me

This book is my daughters favourite book to look at, at the moment. She wants to go through the whole book each time wanting to know the children’s names and what food they like to eat.





Balloons, play scarves and music = fun!

This is what my toddler (20 months) has been up to;


Watering the garden, he likes to do this daily. There is a small bucket of water behind him so he can keep filling up his watering can. Even though we have a small metal watering can he seems to prefer the lighter plastic one.

sandpit play

Playing in the sandpit with his trucks.


Or with his sister making sand cakes.

Toddler book

My toddler’s favourite book.

chalk and chalk board

Chalkboard drawing.


My toddler found another use for their Dear Little Letterbox using the wooden puzzle pieces from the M&D Alphabet puzzle.

matching shells

Shell match up.


Play dough outside with his sister.

Magnetic patterns

Magnetic shapes on a magnetic whiteboard (blackboard on the back)



shape puzzle

Shape puzzle, still a favourite

Puzzle box


Colour match up


Outdoor craft


Making wrapping paper for a birthday present with his sister using paper shapes, glue (paste and glue stick), glitter shakers, dot stickers, crayons and coloured pencils.

Wrapping paper

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