Activities in November, week 1

Here is this weeks glimpse of what my children have been up to when we were at home.

My Toddler;

Crayon Rocks

Drawing with crayon rocks.

Lyra Ferby pencils

Using Lyra Firby coloured pencils.

Spread on cracker

Some Practical Life work, spread (nut butter) on a biscuit.

Practical Life tongs

Using small tongs to transfer raisons for a snack.

banana peeling

Banana peeling. Peels go into the blue enamel compost bucket seen in this picture.

Collage with paste

Some collage work with paste.

Language work

Some language work. My toddler loves to name the animals and the sound they make.

Language work

Using the picture side of these puzzle pieces to identify their names.

Language work

More language work using these wooden M&D alphabet blocks

Animal match up

Animal match up card game.

stacking cups

Stacking cups.

train track

His sister helped him to set up the track. My toddler loves any sort of modes of transport (cars, trains, trucks)

My Preschooler;

Days of the week

Discussing the days of the week, their order and which days are week days and the weekend. A question I am asked everyday is ‘What is the day today’?

Bead work

Bead work with a sewing needle.

Phonic game

Matching pictures to their letter sounds.

A shape board game

A shape and colour recognition board game.

Listening game

Listening game. Still popular in our house.

Listening game

Cuisenaire rods

More play with cuisenaire rods.

Sandpaper letters and numbers

Work using sandpaper numbers and a sand tray.

sandpaper numbers


sandpaper numbers

sandpaper numbers

My eldest loves using the sandpaper numbers and sand tray. When she is trying to work out how to write a certain number and is having trouble, she goes back to using either the sandpaper numbers on their own or with the sandtray. Prior to purchasing both of these, we used The Montessori Number Work book. We still do refer to this book on occasion as it’s familiar to her.


chalk board and sandpaper numbers.

Sandpaper number, chalk and a small desk chalkboard.


Herb smelling jars

Our version of the herb smelling jars. A match up game identifying what is in the bottles by smell whilst wearing the blindfold. I have used basil, parsley and mint as my eldest is familiar with them.

herb smelling jars

herb smelling jars

bird match up

This is an activity that we are re-visiting, but this time we are using them as 3-part cards instead of just matching the Australian bird figurine to the picture card.

animal match up

bird footprints

Exploring footprints on playdough.

Aus bird footprints


Playdough with some colour.

making birds

birds in a nest

Birds in a nest.

clay work

Work with clay.

shape stencils

Using shape stencils to make patterns. This diamond stencil was repeated all over the paper with no interest in colouring them in.

Nat Geo for kids

My eldest and I spent some time this week looking over the National Geographic Kids magazines we have collected.

block building

Some block building.

jenga blocks

washing on line

Helping to hang some washing on a clothes airer outside.

apple slinky

Showing her brother how to use the apple slinky.


Drawing and painting is something that my children like to do most days.

garden drawing

More drawings of the garden (spider and flowers, trees), is a common drawing theme at the moment.

the garden drawing

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