Activities in November, week 2 & 3

Our family have just come home from some time away at the sunny coast. I am posting some photos of what we were doing at home before our trip and some of what we did whilst we were away.

Practical Life, using a pipette for some transfer work.

Collecting tomatoes from our garden, giving them a wash and then chopping them up for a snack.

Putting on a puppet show.

Life Cycle of an apple work. Free printable; Life Cycle of an Apple

My toddler using a coin box.

Some daily yoga relaxation.

My toddler using the balance board independently.

My toddler building a tower.


My eldest singing and playing the guitar.

My eldest using water-based paints, a permanent marker and shape stencils.

My toddler exploring outside (spotted a bird) with child-sized binoculars and threading pipe cleaners through a colander.

Some evening drawing before bed.

My toddler putting wooden beads into play dough.

Some evening block play (my eldest) and doll house play (my toddler).

A trip to the Ginger Factory.


Blue bottle

Some time at the beach and a blue bottle jellyfish spotting.

A trip to the aquarium.

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