Activities in November, week 4

A sneak peek of what our week looked like in pictures;

No lesson given, just a discussion about Australian currency. These coins and notes are replicas. Playing shops with this set up has been popular for my 3.5 year old at the moment.

More play and discussion about these Geometric solids. They may be plastic but they are pretty to look at and get lots of use inside and outside the house.



More memory match game. This is played almost everyday at the moment.

A change of what’s on our shelves for my toddler. He loves puzzles.

My toddler using a small pine cone to make prints in playdough. I think playdough has to be my toddler’s favourite activity, aside from drawing and painting. Great way to strengthen his hands.

My eldest using a hole punch, paste and coloured pencils. This was something she chose to do all on her own.


My eldest has a great interest in Rainbow Lorikeets at the moment. They are everywhere at the moment and so beautiful to look at.

Canvas painting.

More painting. My eldest painting whilst my toddler day napped.

Both of my children painting together outside. I set up tables on the grass.


We use a clothes airer to hang up finished paintings. They do this same thing at my children’s Montessori school. Usually there is a peg basket underneath the drying rack.

Some practical life work, picking ripe strawberries from the garden, pouring a drink and pouring milk on cereal.

A trip to a park and a nature walk.

My eldest decorating this small Christmas tree we got from an art shop.

Catching up with friends and a play.

Luckily my children were more fascinated than scared of these dinosaurs. Yes they moved. Pretty impressive.







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