In the kitchen with a toddler

Here some of the Montessori inspired Practical life kitchen activities both of my children have been involved in. Many of these food prep activities have been repeated many times over. I always try to find some way that they can be involved when I am cooking or baking.

Peeling and chopping bananas and using tongs.

Cutting cheese using a crinkle cutter (first knife).

Chopping apple for a snack.

chopping grapes

Chopping grapes.


Peeling a carrot. We do often leave the skin on but sometimes my eldest likes it peeled.

Grating cheese.


Using an apple slinky. These are great fun.

Cutting fruits and vegetables ready for juicing.

squeezing oranges

Squeezing oranges using an electric citrus juicer.

Chopping cucumber and carrot.


Scooping avocado.

squeezing lemons

Squeezing a lemon to make a dressing.

pouring olive oil

Pouring in some olive oil.

Collecting ripe tomatoes from our garden, washing and chopping them.


Spreading nut butter on a biscuit.

Using a melon baller and making a fruit salad.

Using tongs to transfer sultanas from one bowl to another.

sifting flour

Sifting flour.

mixing with a wooden spoon

Mixing with a wooden spoon.

Pouring a drink.


Pouring milk into cereal.


6 thoughts on “In the kitchen with a toddler

    1. Hi, thanks. I find having my children work side-by-side with me in the kitchen or at a table near by together keeps the peace. Not always an easy task though.

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