Activities in December, week 1

Another look at what we got upto this week in pictures. I hope everyone had a lovely week.

Our geoboard still popular over a year after receiving it as a gift.


Stone fruit are in season. My eldest is cutting some up for herself and for her brother for a snack.

Making frozen strawberry yoghurt. Messy but a lot of fun to make.

Reading Kids National Geographic together. My eldest loves turtles.

My kids working together to make homemade kites. Pretty cute.

BOB Book, Beginner readers. We were given this set a while ago and had heard from others that children can often find them boring to read, by my eldest really seems to like them. I have them out on a bookshelf for her to look at them whenever she likes and she does so often. They are her ‘just right’ books (not too easy and not too difficult).


My toddler’s favourite puzzle.


We have had this EasyRead clock for a while and my eldest loves to try and tell the time. She has a strong interest in doing this at the moment as well as wanting to know the name of the day when she wakes up in the morning, all about the different seasons and how our at home calendar works.

Tea for two. My eldest is making a cup of tea (with water as we did not have any tea left at the time) for her younger brother using real cups and saucers and a tea pot. At my children’s Montessori school, pouring a cup of tea for oneself and others, is an activity that a child can chose to do in the infant/toddler class (18 months to three years). The tea (raspberry tea) is kept in a flask and is poured into a teapot and there are real ceramic small sized tea cups to use it with. The idea is to pour a drink for someone else first and then one for yourself.  A ‘grace and courtesy’ activity.

Some self-directed language work using our moveable alphabet.

Practice using different spray bottles and a dropper with water and food colouring. The small mist/spray bottle was the trickiest to use for my eldest.

My big helper!

Exploring with clay.




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