Activities in December

Some Christmas cookie baking with my four year old.


My toddler made a pizza with his daddy.


A nature walk and picnic at the park.

Some items collected from the ground on our nature walk and some items we have already collected on past walks which we are keeping in this wooden sorting tray.

My children using some items from our nature walk collection to make art, self directed.

A little tea party with my children. I didn’t get a photo of it but my children used cutters to shape the fruit (cucumber) and sandwiches.

My four year old using this cherry chopper for a snack. It removes the cherry stone.

My four year old’s felt board play.

This is our current shelf set up for some art/craft materials. The wooden sorting tray on the left has some Christmas craft items in it and in the wooden sorting tray on the right contains natural craft and construction materials and items used for playdough and clay use. On the bottom shelf is a paper tray which contains white paper, black card and some recycled brown paper and coloured paper. In the container on the bottom shelf with the lid, contains recyclables.

Some Christmas craft.

Fun with side-walk chalk on black card and with water.

Lots of painting this week.

I set up a new space for some games and puzzles in the cupboard just below the tv. Both of my children can easily open the cupboard door and there is plenty of floor space in this room now to move and spread out when playing with them.

Just a few changes to what was on these shelves in the learning/study room.


A few changes to this space (a new lower shelf) which houses my children’s shoes (in the square baskets), hats and sunglasses.

Outdoor muddy puddle play after it rained.

I worked on these story stones for my children for Christmas. I copied the pictures from images on pinterest and just used white stones and permanent markers.

Lots of daily sandpit play.

Christmas colouring in.

Some books and alphabet cards my children received as Christmas gifts from family.

Some self directed language work.

A family trip to an animal sanctuary.


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