Art ideas toddler to preschool

Art medium ideas both 2D and 3D for the toddler to preschool age group are endless but to give you some idea what we have been doing, I have condensed my pictures from my blog posts last year into a list below.

What art materials do we have on hand? Drawing; we often have the follow items; triangular pencils, washable markers, lead pencils, permanent markers, crayons, pastels (chalk and oil), chalk for indoor and outdoor use. For Painting, we keep poster paint, tempera paints and liquid watercolours. Other items we have on hand is play dough, clay and pipe cleaners for molding, sculpting and manipulating.


This is a picture of our art caddy (my 4 year olds). Both of my children have one and they are kept on the dining room table opposite the kitchen as this is the space that they like to draw the most, but sometimes is used outside or at the smaller snack table. My toddler’s caddy has coloured pencils, washable markers and crayons in his as well as a note pad for drawing. This caddy is often sold as a BBQ caddy online. Ours is lightweight and easily transportable. We sometimes take ours on longer road trips.


Drawing using Lyra Ferby pencils.

rock crayons

My toddler using crayon rocks.

crayon rocks

My toddler using Giotto Bebe crayons.

crayons toddler

More non toxic crayons my toddler uses.

pastels oil

Oil pastels.

Leaf rubbing with oil pastels.

Chalk pastels with water creates this effect.

Washable markers and shape stencils.

Chalk pastels on black card really stands out.

Sidewalk chalk on black card and used with water.

Charcoal self-portraits.

Collage whilst practicing using scissors, paste and a glue stick. My four year old prefers to use a glue stick these days whereas my toddler likes using paste.

Collage using items found on nature walks or in the backyard.

Melissa and Doug (stamp a scene).

Painting on perspex with washable paints.

Tempera paint, Micador brand.


Portrait painting with washable paint palette (warm tones).

Small paint palette, also washable on an art tray.

Colour mixing and finger painting.

black and white paints

Painting using black and white paints.

Paint stamps

Paint stamps.


Wire, wooden sticks, dowels and playdough. Pipe cleaners also work really well as they are easier to manipulate. We always have these available for use.

Play dough with loose parts, plain and textured rolling pins and cutters (clay cutter, wavy cutter and plastic knife).

Clay with loose parts.

We are yet to use plasticine but it seems to come highly recommended by other mothers who have used it at home with their children for modeling.



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