Care of Self Spaces

How do we aide independence in our home for my 2 year old and 4 year old? By creating a prepared environment that is child-sized, functional and overall easy to use.

In the Bedroom; (a shared space for a 2 year old and a 4 year old)

Hair Brushing

Drawers for pajamas, a basket with a toddler-sized hair brush that my 2 year old uses and a mirror he uses for hair brushing and a chair for getting dressed both of my children use.

Dressing Station

These baskets contain my children’s shorts (square baskets), underwear and socks in the small baskets on the top shelf.

Low Clothes Rack

We are using a wardrobe extender to hang up my children’s shirts and dresses. It is Summer at the moment so winter jackets and jumpers and long pants have been stored away for the time being. My 4 year old has the top rack and my 2 year old has the bottom rack. There is a fold-up step in the cupboard if needed.

Mirror and Coat Robe stand

New to this space is a hat/coat rack which we use to hang robes in winter or winter coats. This mirror simply hangs over the door which my 4 year old loves to use.

In the Bathroom;


A low step stool to reach the sink. It’s the perfect height for both of my children. It also converts to a toilet step stool by replacing the top step with a toilet-seat step which fits around the toilet. We have another one of these steps in the kitchen to reach the sink/counter top. The wooden step was made by the company Touchwood Toys and Crafts in Australia.

A bathroom draw each for my children to store a hairbrush and their teeth brushing items. Their toothbrushes are compostable and the cups are stainless steel.

Laundry basket behind door

A laundry basket/hamper behind the bathroom door.

Toilet Learning Station

Just outside the bathroom is our toilet learning space. This space is in between our bathroom and toilet room. There is a potty, chair and some clean underwear stored under the chair. As the bathroom is so close to this set up, there is a bucket sitting in the bathtub which has a lid to put wet/soiled clothes and some pre-used cloth inserts (pre-folds) that we use for cleaning accidents.

By the Front Door;

Putting on Shoes Station

A space for storing shoes (in the square baskets) and hats and sunglasses. My 4 year old uses this chair to put on her shoes.

Off the Kitchen;

Drink Station

An updated drink station that both of my children can easily use.

A wonderful informative Montessori website is Aid to Life where I got many of my ideas from.


7 thoughts on “Care of Self Spaces

    1. Hi, thank you. I purchased the step from i just had a quick look at their shop webpage and they are not listing this product, so maybe they are not stocking it anymore? I know it was hand made by a local company. There are some wooden step stools on Amazon if that helps, I just saw some online.

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