Literacy at home with my 4 year old

My daughter has just turned 4 years old and is very much in the sensitive period for reading and writing. She is currently in the pre-writing, beginner reader stage. This post will give you an idea of our favourite and most used language materials we have at home.


Wooden Alphabet puzzle

Wooden alphabet puzzle great for letter and sound recognition games. The puzzle is from Wood Puzzles but you could use any good quality alphabet puzzle. This one was hand made and I was able to select the colour and State script. This is a large puzzle but just beautiful.


This puzzle being used to make words. The alphabet wallet cards seen in this picture are SO Awesome and we purchased ours in Australia. To see how we have used them see my link Activities in October which you will see a photo of the alphabet and number wallet cards made by the same company.

Sand Tray

Sand tray, sandpaper letters and wooden alphabet letters.

Chalk Board

Sandpaper letters, wooden alphabet letter and chalk board.

Making wordsWords

Sandpaper letters and moveable alphabet used together to make words.

Moveable Alphabet 4 year old

Moveable alphabet in print, lower case letters. My 4 year old uses this moveable alphabet to build simple words. We are not yet at the stage of building phrases or sentences.


Pre-reading/Beginner Reader;

Pink LevelPink Level 1

Pink Level phonics language series.

BOB Books

BOB books Set 1 for beginner readers. These books are great.

Edited: 17th May 2016

See our sand tracing tray using coloured sand.

Links to other Language based blogs I have written;

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Language Games

Alphabet Lotto

Moveable Alphabet

A wonderful website I have come across is Info Montessori which details the Montessori Primary guide. If you want detailed information on the Montessori Literacy approach then take a look. I have used it as a guide to at home activities as I am only 4 months into my Montessori 3-6 years training and we haven’t  covered the Language Album yet, so this website has been a wonderful help.

More Links from Montessori Print Shop (charges small fee to download)

Printable Moveable Alphabet

Printable Pink Level Series



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