Eco lunch storage

I love eco lunch boxes and have noticed since my eldest started at her Montessori school how many children have stainless steel compartment lunch boxes as opposed to the plastic ones. The main brand that they seem to use is the Lunchbots brand which come in different sizes with different compartment options. These stainless steel lunch boxes are often carried in insulated lunch bags or small sized eskys. Keep in mind that most stainless steel lunch containers are not leak proof. I have seen some children using separate small stainless steel dipper containers for sauces or just using stainless steel insulated food jars.

My daughter received a PlanetBox lunch box with carry bag when she was about 18 months as a gift and she is still using hers at four years of age, so I decided to invest and get my son one as well. We bought our one from Biome eco store, in which I am now an affiliate.

I will admit that stainless steel lunch boxes are not cheap but I think they are worth the cost. At the moment during school term my 4 year old uses the LunchBots Bento DUO box for snacks as she is only there half days, but she will be using her Planet Box for lunches when she transitions to all day. Both of my children use their Planet Box on the weekends and when we are out and about especially if it is all day. Our planet Box trays came with a carry pouch which holds a water bottle and there is a pouch to store an ice pack.

I will do a follow up post on our ‘plastic free out and about travel kit’ soon.




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