What’s on my 4 year old’s shelves

French Knitting

This knitting fork just arrived in the post from Dragonfly Toys. I also bought one for my 5 year old niece as a birthday present. Sorry to not have any photos of us using this yet but for knitting inspiration see How We Montessori who has photos of her son Otis using the same knitting fork and Living Montessori Now who has a lots of knitting inspiration including finger knitting which looks really interesting.

Paper Weaving

Not new to our shelves but was on rotation is paper weaving on this weaving frame. Lucy from Follow That Child has a great post on Montessori Inspired Introduction to Weaving.

Sewing on Hessian

Beginner sewing on hessian squares.

bead threading

Bead threading has become popular again for my 4 year old. She now likes to make ‘decorations’ to hang up around the house.

Bead storage glass

I store beads and thread in small glass bottles that were bought at Kmart in Australia. They were sold as spice jars. These jars are really easy to open.

Kinetic Sand Prints

Kinetic sand. I haven’t put this out on our shelves for some time now. In the above picture my 4 year old is using loose parts to make prints.

Kinetic sand loose parts

Loose parts collage.

Kinetic Sand moulds

Here she is using metal moulds that were purchased at a discount store to make a dinosaur and sea horse.



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