Flower Arranging

Over the last few weeks we have received two beautiful bunches of flowers. As I don’t encourage flower picking at home or when out and about, it was nice to set up a flower arranging activity as it’s not something we get to do at home very often. Both of my children though do flower arranging in their Montessori classrooms.

In my son’s Montessori toddler classroom there is often flower arranging available. There will be approx 5 or 6 small vases made either from glass, ceramic or pottery and a jug half filled with water and another basket or larger vase containing flowers. The idea is that your child adds some water to a vase, chooses a flower to put in that vase and then carefully takes the vase with the flower and places it on a table or shelf in the classroom.

Montessori toddler class flower arranging table.

In my daughter’s Montessori Children’s House (for 3-6 years), flower arranging goes one step further than what they do in the toddler class; the children use scissors to cut the flower stems to the correct height to fit in the vases available for use. The can be tricky as my daughter likes to say.


My 2 year old flower arranging above. We picked up this test tube glass vase in a wooden base from Kmart in Australia recently. In the past I have just used small toddler sized drinking glasses or very small glass jars as I don’t have any small sized vases.


My 4 year old’s flower arranging. She cut the flowers to fit into the test tube vases and the small glass jars. Great for scissor cutting practice and introducing measurement. Below is an example of how we have used small sized drinking glasses as vases.


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