What’s on my 2 year old’s shelves

I was asked recently how often I rotate materials on my children’s shelves. I always keep favourites on their shelves and rotate materials that haven’t been used for a while. Sometimes I may just change how I have displayed a material to see if that gains interest and if not, it will just go in our storage cupboard and brought back out at another time. To give you an idea what is currently on my 2 year old’s shelves (excluding play items and art materials);

Threading large beads

Threading with large wooden beads, always popular.

coloured pegs and board

Colourful pegs and a peg board.

Large pegs

Colour matching with large pegs.

First jigsaw puzzle

A 3-piece jigsaw puzzle of an Australian koala. There is 4 Australian animals in this set and each one varies in difficulty (3-6 piece).

Occupation puzzle

Wooden occupation puzzle.

wooden puzzle shapes

Wooden shapes from a puzzle. My 2 year old is interested in shapes, colours and numbers at the moment.

Chalk and chalk board

A small wooden chalk board with coloured chalk.

felt board and lock box

Felt board and felt pieces and a lock/latch box.


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