Light Box ideas

I recently picked up an A4 sized decor light panel box which came with letters, numbers and symbols and so far its had lots of use. I think using mirrors and light really enhances exploration of light, colour and shadow.

Light box numbers

For my toddler (2 year old), introducing numbers.

light box colour

Looking at colours.

Light box letter matching

For my 4 year old; letter work.

light box insects

Looking at insects (grasshopper, wasp and cicada shells).

light box shells

Looking at beautiful shells (patterns).

light box leaf shape

Shapes and patterns of leaves.

light box painting

Painting with watercolour paints on a plexiglass sheet.

light box paint on perspex

I picked up this light box from Aldi in Australia, but they are also available at Kmart Australia. This one was $20 AUD and is battery operated.


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