Liquid watercolours

Liquid watercolours are beautiful. Both of my children have used them in the Montessori toddler class before but this is the first time we have had them at home to use and experiment with. Straight away my 4 year old wanted to draw a picture and paint over it with the watercolours as you will see in the photos below.

painting liquid colours

marker drawing

You may notice that my 4 year old is using a black fined tip permanent marker and some thin paintbrushes.


This is a picture of my daughter using the liquid watercolours with thicker brushes in a Montessori toddler class for (18 months -3 years). Always using the primary colours.

Liquid watercolours

The liquid watercolours I bought came in a set of 6 colours (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple) each 250ml bottles. The brand is Creatistics Watercolour Asst Colours and is from Modern Teaching Aids. You can use these paints at full strength or dilute them down which Is what I do, this way they will last a long time. I have noticed that lots of bloggers tend to use the Sargent Art brand. I haven’t tried these.

liquid colours

We store our paints in this wooden paint tray from Dragonfly Toys. The bottles are made from glass and the lids are plastic.

Liquid watercolours can be used in a variety of ways not just for watercolour painting but also as tinting pigments and craft dyes. I have seen other bloggers using liquid watercolours to colour wood (wooden blocks like jenga blocks) to make rainbow blocks. I am currently working through The Language of Art by Ann Pelo. There is a section on using liquid watercolours and mixed media (watercolours with pastels).


Happiness is Here is using liquid watercolours with chalk pastels. I love these glass jars to store the paint in. They are also using a homemade outdoor art table. Just beautiful.


An Everyday Story. Here they are using oil pastels and liquid watercolours.


How We Montessori. Look at all the beautiful colour.

More Ways to explore with liquid watercolours;

10 Liquid watercolour art experiences from the ARTBAR blog

All about liquid watercolours from Deep Space Sparkle




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