Nature table, tray and basket inspiration

A display of nature’s treasures is a beautiful addition to a classroom or at home environment. In the Montessori toddler class my 2 year old attends there is always a basket or tray of seasonal nature items displayed with a magnifying glass for exploration.

Nature Table

Nature Table display

This is our current nature table set up. I added the bird’s nest and bird’s egg but allowed my children to fill the tray themselves. I love this tray as it is not only beautiful but the compartments are shallow which I think adds to the appeal (easier viewing), plus you can’t clutter the tray up as easily.

An Everyday Story Nature table

How beautiful is this nature table from An Everyday Story.

Stir the Wonder

Stir the Wonder

How We Montessori

How We Montessori

Living Montessori Now

Living Montessori Now

More beautiful photos from the blog An Every Day story. Kate homeschools her two children with more of a Reggio Emelia approach. These nature treasures are displayed on the top of a shelf in their Homeschool room.

Montessori Child at Home Nature windowsill

Montessori Child at Home. I love this idea of displaying beautiful items on a window sill. All this lovely natural light.

An Everday Story

If you don’t have space for a nature table set up, then maybe a tray or basket. Just don’t forget to add a magnifying glass for further exploration.

Here is a link to a post I wrote recently on Exploring with a magnifying glass

Edited June 2018:

Things that spark joy- Collected treasures.jpg
Our nature tray and how it has evolved over the past 2 years!


5 thoughts on “Nature table, tray and basket inspiration

  1. Your star shaped nature tray is beautiful. I manage to keep the nature table at kindy uncluttered (by asking the children if they want to take their items home after a while…they nearly always do) but I’ve just looked at ours at home and it’s a mess! We better have an art activity and select lots of things from the nature table to use. You really can’t appreciate the beauty of the items when its jumbled up. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I have been hunting for that tray and can’t find it anywhere. Where did you get it??

    1. Hi there, I got ours from Modern Teaching Aids online in Australia. It is called a ‘flower sorting tray’ and is approx 34cm. I haven’t seen a flower shaped sorting tray anywhere else, but have seen a star-shaped one in various stores- thrift stores, discount stores etc.

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