Hand sewing at 4 years

A couple of days ago I set up a sewing activity for my 4 year old using a wooden embroidery hoop I picked up from a craft store and some spare material we already had at home. I found the embroidery hoop helped to stop the fabric from bunching up whilst sewing.

initial sewing shapes

Here i used a dressmakers pencil to stencil a square shape on the front and back of the material. The marking are not permanent and do fade away. I bought the pack of three (white, pink and blue) pencils from a craft store- Spotlight if you are in Australia. I also bought our blunt metal embroidery needles from there.

SEwing shapes

sewing buttons

Sewing with wooden flower shaped buttons.

button sewing


sewing on cotton

Sewing on hessian

You may have seen in my previous posts pictures of my eldest sewing free hand on hessian squares and with acrylic wool without the embroidery hoop. You don’t have to use one but I think they are helpful.

Show Me Montessori

Sewing tray by Show me Montessori. This sewing tray set up is lovely.

How We Montessori Sewing Tray

First sewing tray by How We Montessori. Keeping it nice and simple for beginner sewing.

Montessori Album shapes

Montessori Album  have a great guide on setting up a sewing activity using an embroidery hoop.

Prior to sewing you can see my previous post on some Sewing, lacing and weaving idea with a toddler. My eldest is still using our sewing cards and weaving frame and likes to bead thread to make jewellery and decorations and my 2 year old is currently using large and medium beads for threading/lacing.

Other ideas for a 4 year old to try at home;

French Knitting

Using a wooden knitting fork. This was a present I gave to my 4 year old recently. The knitting fork is from Dragonfly Toys. I will do a separate post of my 4 year old using her knitting fork. At the moment she is more interested in sewing.

How We MOntessori knitting fork

Photo from How We Montessori with the knitting fork all set up to be used.

Have you heard of finger knitting? I have only just heard of it and it looks really interesting. We were given a wooden loom frame recently but are yet to use it as I need time to work out how to use it first before I show my eldest.



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