My 4 year old making pizza

Cooking together with kids in the kitchen is great fun. Last weekend my husband and my 4 year old made pizza together. My 4 year old just loves to cook with her dad. They just used a basic pizza dough recipe off the internet (flour, salt, sugar, yeast, water and oil).

ingredients out

In the above picture you can see my 4 year old mixing the water, yeast, sugar and salt into the glass Pyrex measuring jug which was then covered and set aside. The flour, oil and yeast mixture was then mixed all together in the ceramic mixing bowl. All ingredients can be pre-measured and put into little bowls for easy use for a younger child, whereas an older child can do all of the measuring of ingredients themselves.

kneading dough

Kneading the dough on a slightly floured surface. It probably would have been easier to knead the dough straight onto the bench top but my 4 year old wanted to try to knead the dough on the chopping board. It still worked.

waiting for dough to rise

Waiting for the dough to rise.

adding some toppings

Adding toppings of her choice; pineapple, capsicum, mushroom, tomatoes and cheese. My 2 year old just wanted pineapple and cheese on his pizza.

pizza cooked

One of their cooked pizzas (they made three of them) all with different toppings.


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