Art at the park

Taking our art materials with us in an art caddy when out and about is something we love to do. They are not always used but I think its nice to have art materials available if one of my children are feeling inspired by their surroundings. I wonder who else does this?

Art at the park

After a big play on the parks play equipment, we sat down together to have some snacks and draw and paint together, yes me included.

Art Supplies Travel

Here we have coloured triangular pencils, water-based paints, crayons, oil pastels and some white paper. To stop paper from flying away, we will bring our art journals next time. This time I forgot to pack them.

my 4 year old painting

After a while we attracted quite a few large ants sitting on the ground with food so we moved our art materials to this cement bench area close by.

My 2 year old painting

This is the first time my 2 year old didn’t rush whilst painting. He spent a long time working on this picture, trying the different paint colours. Lots of concentration going on.

I think a portable art caddy is great. The one we have was sold as a BBQ caddy and we only paid AUD $10 for it. We take ours with us to lots of places; long drives, cafe, park, beach etc. If we do take ours to a cafe, depending on which one, I may not always take paint with us, but there is always other drawing materials and paper available.

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