What we are baking; banana biscuits and date balls

Yesterday we baked. We haven’t done much of that lately. My 4 year old wanted to make some biscuits, so I helped her to choose some whole food ingredients from our pantry.

Biscuit ingredients

She chose bananas (frozen), sultanas, coconut, almond meal and oats.

spooning in ingredients

Spooning in the ingredients.

mixing with wooden spoon

Mixing the ingredients all together with a wooden spoon to start with, then hands were used to mould the biscuit dough and was then put onto a baking tray and straight in the oven for approx 20 minutes.

pressing the dough into ball shapes

whole food biscuits

After baking biscuits I asked my 4 year old if she would like to help me make some date, almond and coconut balls. Pitted dates, almond meal and a small amount of dessicated coconut was mixed up in a blender and then moulded into ball shapes then coated in coconut and put in a glass bowl and straight into the fridge to chill.

dough into coconut

date and coconut balls

zero waste present

We kept half of the date, almond and coconut balls for ourselves and put the other half in a glass jar as part of a birthday present for a family member.

Edited: 5th May 2016. My 4 year old and I made another batch of these to add as a lunch box snack. As my children’s Montessori school has a ‘no nut policy’ we swapped the almond meal for cacao powder (raw powder). They tasted great.


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