Our Mother’s Day 2016

We had a lovely Mother’s Day. We spent the day before cooking and baking together. My children and I made some jam and my husband helped my children to make scones. On Mother’s Day, we spent the morning together and had a lovely breakfast and then spent the rest of the day with the rest of our family.

Strawberries and chia jam
Two ingredients; strawberries and chia seeds
cutting strawberries
Chopping strawberries in half and placing in the glass dish. The blue enamel container is our compost bin.
scooping strawberries
Transferring the strawberries (approx 3 cups) from the dish into the food processor. Using a food processor is optional.
scooping chia
Adding 3 table spoons of chia seeds.

strawberries and chia in blender

blended strawberries and chia
Blend to desired consistency.
jam into pot
Pouring the jam and chia into a pot.
cook jam
I did this part whilst my 4 year old watched beside me, bringing the ingredients to the boil and then simmering for approx 5-7  minutes.
Once cooled store in glass jars. Our strawberry/chia jam is on the right and the mixed berry jam we made straight after is on the left. We made these for Mother’s Day gifts but kept some for ourselves to use on the day as well.
flour sifter
We also made a batch of scones to go with the jam for gifts. My 4 year old is using a flour sifter here.
butter and flour
Transferring (dairy free butter) into the sifted flour.
pouring milk
Adding soy milk
Kneading the dough mixture.
rolling pin
Using a rolling pin to flatten the dough mixture.
scone cutter
Using a small stainless steel container as a cutter to make small circle shapes.

I used this Chia Jam recipe as a guide but didn’t add the lemon or sweetener. I am not one for using recipes as is. There isn’t any photos of my 2 year old cooking and baking, but he was busy working at a small sized table near us chopping his own strawberries for a snack or watching what we are doing or helping out. There is always something a child can do to help.

mother's day breakfast
My Mother’s Day breakfast with my husband and two children. My children are drinking warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon as a tea.
Mother's dy gift
A Mother’s Day gift from my children.

5 thoughts on “Our Mother’s Day 2016

  1. this summer, I plan to incorporate Montessori into our home life. So I am inspired by your site and posts. Can’t wait to read more.

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