A few things; what’s new in our home

What’s new in our home? This time I’m not writing about new materials or toys, but about a few things that we now have for my children to use at home or when out and about.

cloth surviette

Instead of paper serviettes (napkins) we now have some reusable ones. I didn’t sew these but the plan is for me to sew some myself hopefully soon. I keep these in a basket in one of my children’s draws in the kitchen for them to set the table. For meals we have one each and I also make sure I keep a few in our bag when out and about. My 4 year old Is so happy that we are using these now as she has really become aware of the difference between something like this that is washed and reused than something like the paper version that is used and thrown away. It really helps if your children work along side you with washing clothes, hanging to dry and putting away. There has also been discussions in my daughter’s Montessori class about recycling recently. Her school is also wonderful at using cotton placemats in the toddler class and cotton cleaning cloths (for cleaning spills etc) and hand towels, most having being made either by parents or teachers for use in the classroom. I see no paper towels or paper serviettes.

surviette holder and sporks

This is our stainless steel serviette holder my Grandmother gave me. I let my children use it now. This is the same one that is used in my son’s Montessori toddler class for the children to use in the Practical Life (food preparation) area. Also we now have some sporks (spoon and fork). These have been so useful when out and about. I now always have these on me, so much better than plastic cutlery that one is sometimes given when purchasing food away from home. We almost always take our own snacks with us now, so these really are handy to have as well.

stainless steel straws and chopsticks

Stainless steel straws, chopsticks and sporks in a glass jar.. Sometimes we go to a cafe or juice bar, so having our own reusable straws are great. The places we go to often have stainless steel milkshake or juice drinking cups, so it’s nice to now have our own straws and not use the plastic ones.

reusbale sandwich bags

I had avoided wanting to purchase these, really because I did not know enough about them and if they are safe,  but a friend gave us these for my 4 year old to try as I had mentioned that she was having trouble opening a couple of her stainless steel snack box containers at school; we haven’t had trouble before but now some of the lids have getting stuck for some reason. I always hand wash them. So we tried these reusable sandwich bags which are washable and have a velcro seal and so far my 4 year old loves them and has no trouble opening or closing them. The larger size fits a sandwich.


Not everyone is keen on doing this, I understand but I am trialling cotton handkerchiefs in the bathroom that my children use. My 4 year old thought it was really odd at first, but now loves them and says that they are softer on her nose. I am not sure how we will go if one of my children get sick, but I reminded myself of a conversation I had with my mother the other day; she said that she never had tissues growing up, or paper serviettes for that matter. I was given a cotton handkerchief from my Grandfather every birthday for a long time. I feel sad now, that I always thought it was an odd gift and didn’t really appreciate the gift of handkerchiefs and socks. My mother said that my Grandfather always carried one in his pocket until the day he passed away.

Not sure if anyone will find this kind of post interesting, but after having a conversation also with my daughter last week after her school/class had a visit from Sea Life aquarium for some ocean life education. She told me that the lady who ran the event spoke about the dangers of plastic bags finding their way into our oceans and their deadly impact on a turtle’s life. She took home the message to put rubbish in the bin and look after our oceans. It’s a wonderful start. Having children has really made me think more about being more mindful and what kind of message I want to send to my children about what and how we do things. All we can do is our best. I think making little changes like these does fit in with the Montessori philosophy of care of self, care of others and care of the environment.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for reading.

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