The Story Box Library

A home schooling friend of mine suggested that we try the Story Box Library which she has been using at home with her children over the last 6 months. It’s an online resource that showcases Australian children’s books read by a diverse range of Australian storytellers. So, we decided to give it a go and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. My friend who home schools uses it as a facilitator for discussions, as each story comes with classroom notes that are specifically created for the Australian curriculum. We are using the family package and have just been using it at night time as a bedtime tale. My children don’t get a lot of screen time (tv or computers) but this is something nice that we can do together. I can also look at the stories in advance to ensure they are appropriate.

A few things; there is a 12 month subscriptions fee (AUD $29.95), there is an option to filter stories according to age group, theme, Author/Illustrator, storyteller. The reason why I have decided to try this is mainly because we have lots of non fiction and reference books at home, with a small amount of story books. This is an alternative to going to the library (we don’t have one close by) or purchasing books. This way we have access to many different kinds of books that I probably wouldn’t have thought to look at in the first place. Also I haven’t been asked to specifically review this, I just thought others may find it interesting, especially if you are in Australia. I wonder if they have programs like this in other countries?


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