Our monthly calendar pocket chart

We have been using this monthly calendar pocket chart since the beginning of this year and I think it’s great. Before this, I was printing out each calendar month and using blu-tack to stick it to the wall and we would cross out the days each week. I saw this calendar being used on a few other blogs and though the idea seemed great. I know many Montessorians prefer the idea of the Linear Calendar which you can print out yourself which shows all of the calendar months side by side in the correct order as opposed to working on just one month at a time. I actually only heard about that after I purchased this pocket calendar, but so far I really love it and my 4 year old loves to change the little round token each day and when it comes time to change the month, we have a printed A4 calendar year guide for her to use.

at home calendar

If there is any events such as birthdays that month we will mark it with a reusable sticker. At this point my 4 year old knows and understands the days of the week and the difference between weekdays and the weekend, that there are 12 months in the year and the names of the months and the seasons. She found learning the seasons, helped her learn the months of the year. Learning how many days in each month is a bit trickier.

Season signs

I just love these wooden season signs. I have thought of painting them (winter=blue) etc but I also really love the natural look. Both the calendar and signs were bought from Modern Teaching Aids when they were on special, otherwise the calendar can be a bit pricey. The wooden season signs were AUD$6.95.

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