A change to our cleaning station

I wrote a post on our cleaning station a year ago in which I had hung my children’s cleaning equipment on removable hooks on the wall. This idea worked for quite a while but then the hooks started to slide off the wall and take some paint with it, so I decided to use one of our coat/hat racks instead. We have two of these; one in my children’s shared bedroom for hanging coats and dressing gowns and this second one now being used for their cleaning equipment (previously used for hats and bags).cleaning stand rack

This rack is called a ‘hat and coat tree stand’ and was purchased from Kmart Australia for approx AUD$16. That was the cheapest I could find. If you purchase specific Montessori equipment stands they can very expensive. They of course look beautiful though and are the type of ones that you will see in a Montessori toddler classroom inside and for outside use.

Kids cleaning

Child-sized mop and broom, both with wooden handles, a metal dustpan with a wooden brush and an enamel bucket to go with the mop.

In my son’s Montessori toddler classroom they have the same mop and dustpan and brush which hang on a wooden rack by the child-sized sink. Take note that the metal RED dustpan is for floor use only, they have a BLUE plastic dustpan and brush that is for table use. According to my 4 year old, in her Montessori Children’s House, they do the same thing. There is also red cleaning clothes for the floor and blue cleaning cloths for cleaning tables etc. It makes sense to colour code items. I try to do this at home as well. My daughter was also telling me that now they have a mop that comes with a bucket that you can squeeze the water out. In the toddler class, there is no bucket, just a wet mop for use.

The only other item you don’t see in this space is our cleaning caddy as this is the only space I have for my children’s cleaning equipment, next to our fridge. So the cleaning caddy is in a cupboard close by instead.

Everyday Begins New Cleaning Caddy.jpg

We are still using this caddy, the only changes I have made is that I have swapped the plastic spray bottle bases for stainless steel ones, just reusing the spray tops. Also the wooden brush is now by our kitchen sink for washing up and currently the window washing items are in a bucket by a window sill for my 2 year old to use. So, basically I am keeping cleaning cloths (red and blue ones) for cleaning tables and the floor and some spray bottles for both of my children to use. This caddy is just a wooden BBQ caddy. It’s the same one my children use as an art caddy as well.

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