Infant and toddler eating utensils

infant utensils and first cup

Today I was busy putting aside some of our infant utensils ready to pass onto a family member who is due to have a baby in the next few months. I found our first infant fork and spoon and the first glass (shot glass) weaning glass that both of my children used. The stainless steel cup was what we used when travelling. first weaning utensil set

This lovely hand-sewn utensils pouch was what the first fork and spoon came in. We still use this pouch when travelling as it nicely fits a couple of sets of cutlery. first spoon and fork comparision

Here gives you an idea of the size difference between the infant and toddler cutlery. You can purchase small versions of cutlery from most kitchen supply stores sold as possibly coffee spoons or cake forks. I have definitely seen smaller versions of these forks but I used what we had already (cake forks). This photo doesn’t do it justice but the first spoon is actually very small and light weight, so easy to handle.

toddler bowl, glass and pitcher

Here is both of my children’s first weaning glass bowl which they also used as young toddlers. My son who is now 2 years and 3 months now uses a small ceramic bowl seen in the picture below instead of this glass bowl. This small glass pitcher (250ml) is what my 2 year old uses. This drinking glass is toddler sized. toddler ceramic bowl, glass and pitcher

My 4 year old also uses this sized ceramic bowl, child sized glass and 500ml pitcher.

toddler pitcher and glass comparison

Here is another photo of the two pitchers and two sized glasses we use for both of my children. This gives you a better view of the difference in sizes. ceramic bowl and mug toddler

As an option, if one is not comfortable using glass with their infant or toddler, you can look at ceramic or stainless steel options. The idea is to use something that is breakable which teachers children early on to take care when setting the table and eating and to really look after their belongings (care of environment). I understand though, its not always possible for some parents and some home situations. I know many parents that use plastic (cups, plates) etc at home. Just do what works for your family. In fact I had a mum in my son’s toddler class ask me last week what we use at home with our children and if its ok if she doesn’t use glass. She said she is comfortable for her son to handle glass and ceramic in the toddler classroom but not at home as she often has lots of children visiting (friends and families kids) and she was not comfortable leaving glass or ceramic items out for the children to use. I understand this, I always ask when we have other people’s children over for a visit. I would ask ‘is a glass ok or would you prefer ceramic or stainless steel? We have all three options. Often all of the children sit outside to eat, so I will admit the stainless steel cups and bowls are really practical.

You may find my previous post Setting the table at 2 years of some interest.

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