How we used a Topponcino

What is a Topponcino? It’s a bit like a soft, thin comfort/support mattress used in approx the first 10 weeks of life, but can be used for longer depending on the length of your baby.  Ours was hand made (not by myself) and made from organic cotton. I had every intention of making one myself but never got around to it sadly. I think if you can find the time, it would be a wonderful sewing project. Our Topponcino came with one organic cotton mattress and two organic cotton covers. The look and feel of the Topponcino is just beautiful, so soft.

bell on stringIn all of these photos my infant son is actually between 8 and 9 weeks old. I managed to salvage these photos, but unfortunately lost a lot of my photos from my camera (which got damaged) of when he was much younger using the Topponcino. In the above picture my son is lying on the Topponcino which has been placed on a cot sized mattress for comfort on the floor in his bedroom. In this photo you can see the bell on a ribbon mobile. We purchased our bell and wooden ring on a ribbon from Goosedesigns on Etsy. toponcino 2Sweet dreams. Having a day time nap. topponcino and crochet rattle

Here my son is playing with a crochet rattle, looking rather relaxed.

topponcino cuddles

In the above picture I am holding my son using the Topponcino whilst sitting on the couch. The Topponcino can be used whilst breastfeeding but I never tried this.

topponcino pram liner

In the above picture we are using the Topponcino as a pram liner. My son loved it as it made going for walks so comfortable for him, he would often fall asleep almost straight away. This really came in handy whilst travelling, not just in this way with the pram but when we went on a holiday for a week, I think the Topponcino was a great sense of comfort for my baby, not just because of the feel, but I also think of the familiar smell of it as well.

So, why use a Topponcino?

Michael Olaf says; It wraps the infant with security from birth, preventing the startle reflex, and allowing him to be held securely, and easily put down after falling asleep without being awakened. Yet when the infant awakens he is free to exercise his body in the most natural manner, which is not the case when being swaddled. The infant also finds comfort in the feel and smell of his topponcino.

The first time I had heard of a Topponcino was when I was pregnant with my second child. I wish I had heard of one earlier as it would have been nice to have used one with both of my children. It’s nice to know though, that I was able to pass it onto a family member who is due to have her second baby in a couple of months.

Note: To learn more or purchase a Topponcino you can click HERE. This ‘affiliate’ link will direct you to The Topponcino Company which is a family owned/run company that sells Topponcinos online. You can read about their story HERE. I recently in March of 2019, became and affiliate for this wonderful company. I absolutely loved using a Topponcino with my youngest.

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