Open and close activity

I have put together different variations of open and close baskets and trays since my son was about 18 months old and he still loves it at 2 years of age. This is some pictures of our latest tray and basket set up.

open and close activity tray

On this tray we have a draw string bag, small cardboard box, large wooden box and reading glasses case which has a button and close boxdrawstring bagzipper and clasp activity basket

At the moment, my toddler loves to play with my purse, so I thought I would put these two in a basket for him to practice with. The black bag has a zipper and the pink bag has a button clasp. zipper practice

The open and close activity tray at my son’s Montessori toddler class is one of his favourites. At the moment it’s different sized glass bottles and jars and before hand it was different sized boxes (wooden and cardboard).

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