Taking art outdoors

Yesterday afternoon we took our art supplies outside, something I think we will try to do more often, whenever possible. It’s so inspiring to create surrounded by nature.

plasticine and loose partsplaydough and loose parts

Playdough, plasticine (kiddie clay) and loose parts and some molding and cutting tools. loose parts and clay materials

This is an Ikea Raskog three shelf cart sold as an all purpose cart but we often use it to transport or hold art materials mostly outdoors. Above you can see our loose parts tray and some cutting and molding tools. painting wood chips

Here my 4 year old is painting some of the loose parts (branch cuts). I believe she is making Fairy stepping stones. rock painting

My 2 year old chose to paint some rocks found in our backyard. painting with chalk

My 2 year old drawing with wet chalk. This is a favourite art activity.

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