A low waste birthday party.

Keeping the idea of Zero Waste in mind, this is our attempt for a birthday (mine) breakfast tea party. Instead of using balloons and streamers (which we didn’t have any of), my 4 year old and I looked around our house to see what we could find to make our own decorations. My 4 year old absolutely loved the idea of searching around our house and in the end wanted to use their coloured play scarves and cloth handkerchiefs.

zero waste birthday decorations

We discussed where to hang them and as you can see the play scarves are hanging from the fan, which is where we used to hang the balloons and the handkerchiefs are hanging from biodegradable twine on the railing above the sliding door. These decorations are beside the dining table where we set up the tea party.

birthday breakfast zero waste

What was on the menu? Cut up apple and orange and strawberries and some home made scones and bakery croissants with home made berry and chia seed jam. The one thing missing in the photo is the cake that my 4 year old and I made, which we had for afternoon tea in the end. breakfast birthday

peach tea for kids

Decaf peach tea for my children which they loved drinking from real porcelain tea cups. My eldest is still in her pajamas as its a very early in the morning tea party.painted potted plants

My children gave me some beautiful succulent plants in terracotta pots which they painted. birthday gift painted potted plants

Now we are displaying the plants on the shelf in their learning/study space.


4 thoughts on “A low waste birthday party.

  1. Hi Olivia, bump onto your blog again when I am doing research online.

    Happy Birthday 🙂

    I love your Zero Waste idea.


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